Hello and thank you so much for stopping by! We are Cici & Liv, the founders of Niyari Beauty. We wanted to take a moment to explain who we are and what our brand is about. Not only do we have amazing lashes and beauty products, but we also have a huge mission behind our brand that we hope to achieve around the world, one set of lashes at a time.

Niyari Beauty was created with the philosophy of encouraging unity across different ethnic backgrounds. While many beauty brands focus on targeting a specific ethnicity, we want to do just the opposite. As a Black owned and Asian owned business, we strongly believe in embracing the beauty of all skin colors. This was the motivation and inspiration behind the custom design of our lash boxes which include several shades of skin colors uniquely connected into one unit. As a women and minority run business, we are proud of representing multiple ethnicities, and proving how successful we can be when we work together. We hope to inspire women to follow their dreams, knowing that you can be a success story too.

In recent years the "Me Too", "Black Lives Matter", and "Stop Asian Hate" movements have demonstrated that we can all be successful when we are supportive of one another. So now more than ever, we want to promote and help others embrace the success of Women, Black people, Asian people and people of all communities. The names of our lashes are another way we are accomplishing this goal as you will see while you browse through our products. And as an added incentive, proceeds of several products are donated to charities that are in alignment with our brand philosophy. Check out the product descriptions to get the scoop!

Thank you again for your interest in Niyari Beauty. Our goal is not only to make your life easier with our high quality magnetic lashes, but to also inspire you to be the best version of you and to love and appreciate all humans with all of our unique differences. Beauty comes in all shapes, colors, and sizes and we are giving you the tools to help enhance the beauty you already own!



Cici & Liv